Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Intro to tha in-vitro

Well i want to write today about whats going on currently with my IVF cycle and what my goals are and where i'm headed so far. Then i'm going to go into a rant about some F@*% Up stuff going on with my insurance company.

Well first off me and my husband are going to be doing the IVF thang so that we will be able to become parents. This something we have wanted since we married three years ago but to to unforeseen circumstance it wasn't to be. But this is all God's will and i know that the child that we shall have shall be blessed for it feels like we are going thru hell to get it!

We attempted a cycle in January but due to financial difficulties we had to put it on hold for a few months. We were not aware that my insurance wouldn't cover the medication, or rather the stim drug portion. So we had to put that cycle on pause until we came up with the funds.
Now after income tax time and my yearly bonus we have the needed funds for as many drugs we desire ;)

So This month i started my cycle April 3, 2009
I started my BCP April 6,2009
i am scheduled to take my last BCP April 25, 2009
Then I'm scheduled to start my Lupron on April 23, 2009

For my Stims i'm taking Bravelle (FSH), Menopur, and then the Lupron.
I will blog to you guys later with my first shot. I hope all goes well and my prayers are answered.

AND now tha rant:
I am so tired of this insurance company runaround!
I had to stay on the phone for over three hours to get it straighten out between them and my PCP who is responsible for paying for my RE and her services
I have recieving bills for things that were already authorized through the insurance company (Aetna)
For some reason because my pcp is in Kelsy Seybold they forwarded the bill to them WTF!
Then they send the bill to me!
I'm pissed! I call the insurance company, They tell my kelsey's responsible.
I call kelsey they tell me the RE office F@%& up
I call the RE office and they tell me the insurance company and Kelsey Fucked Up!
So i call the insurance company and they sort it out and say it should not have been sent to Kelsey in the first place!!!!
I'm going to solve the bullshit by changing PCP's and save myself a bunch of issues in the long run.

Peace Out!

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