Monday, June 29, 2009

Embryo transfer!

Well today was the big day and we went in today to have our Lil embies babies put in their mommy. We had four that made it this far and two were very good and the other two not so good. So I made the decision to transfer the two good ones and then one of the not so good ones for a total of three. During the procedure i was relaxed and calm and not from the Valium i took before. I'm just at peace that if we are blessed either way this turns out because it is God's will and in His hands. So today and tomorrow I'm on bed rest and then on the third day I'll only have light activity then return to work the next day with no strenuous activity or sex for the next two weeks. I have taking a flurry of medication including a suppository of progesterone which i have gotten used to. i'll be updated you guys as i go so stay tuned

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