Monday, March 28, 2011

Back at it again

After our last disappointing IUI cycle my DH and I are considering our next move to be IVF. We are looking at our finances and making some changes to see if that will be a procedure we can accomplish later on this year. My DH feel his biological clock is ticking and he doesn’t want to be 30 with a baby to call his own. I am going to do some major cut-backs and budgeting and prayer to make this reality. To try a raise almost 10 grand in 7 months…that will be a serious blessing. But we have a goal. A silver lining at the end of a long and painful road. We can do it!

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  1. It can be done. It takes sacrifice, and a lot of hard work, but my DH and I saved about 15K in a year, so it's possible. Good Luck! Also - you asked what I paid for Follistim - I think it turned out to be $240 per 300 IU cartridge.