Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Appointment #1

Waiting, waiting waiting.....
I hate waiting..
I hat a 9:30 appointment for a consult, But i didn't get in to see the doctor until 10:45....AAHHHHHH!
I hate that..But anyway, I had to vent a lil.
During the consult we went over a lil bit of the steps involved with the IVF process. I was prescribed low does Birth Control. I have a referral for my hubby to see another urology to make the sperm retrieval optimum and also he gave us a pair of genetic test kits for us to send in our saliva to another company.. weird.. I feel like I'm doing a DNA test and we are going to see who the daddy is. I had my 4 day blood work done and that was about it. He has my form for the Compassionate care program so i guess once my blood work gets back we will know where i stand and we will order my Stim Meds!

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