Friday, December 2, 2011

10 weeks 2 days ..Feeling Fine

Hello Guys .. I know i been MIA for a while but I have been so overwhelmed with this ole thing called life on top of being pregnant I'm happy to say. Even though life has been a bit rocky lately my pregnancy has been very stable. feel very blessed and give all praise and glory to God for bring us her thus far.
I haven't had any morning sickness to speak of. My only annoyance is the gastrointestinal issues i have been having with gas and belly aches. It has caused some discomfort especially at work where i do a lot of sitting. Also i have been battling the fatigue that comes with the territory, but we all have to deal with it so our babies can be provided with a healthy food supply. So i welcome the naps and early nights.
I have noticed my clothes are increasingly tighter and tighter. I don't want to get any new clothes until at least 12-13 weeks.So i have to hold off by using my " fat" day clothes and dresses. On what was my last visit with my RE at 10 weeks 1 days we say out lil peanut dance in the womb, he had to press on my stomach a lil to make him really go at it.. me and my hubby stood mesmerized by the image on the screen .. ,.. in wonder that that was actually going on inside me.. we were humbled and amazed. And we still are and will probably remain so for quite some time..

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