Friday, May 15, 2009

Baseline Ultasound..second time around

Well you guys it has begun! yesterday i had my second blood draw and ultrasound and the results of this one was considerably better then the last one. The ultrasound was promising. The "cyst" that was i the last one had disappeared, the uterine lining was nice and thick, and they had no problem finding my ovaries. So they told me that i would probably be starting my Stims the next day(Friday). So later that day around we got the results from the blood work and everything was within good range and i was ok'ed to start my stims! So today was my first stimming day. I took four vials of Bravelle with 1ml of solution. along with 5cc of lupron reduced from 10cc. The shots were uneventful, painless, and no after effects so far. Wonderful! Let see what tomorrow brings. Grow Eggs GROW!!

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