Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Office Visit - Day Six Stimming

Today was my was my third visit with the doctor with ultrasound an blood work. Taday i had my follicles measered. the ones that were measurable were between 4mm and 9mm! The nurse informed after i start taking y Menopur tonite they will grow a lot more really fast. So i'm ready to get this party really started! As i said tonite i'll start taking my Menopur along with my bravelle and my Lupron. I was confused fir a bit because i called the nurse about mixing the bravelle and the Menopur together but she said no. But today during the visit my nurse told my that i would be able to. so i'm going to take her word for it since i'll do anything to get out of taking more shots!


  1. You are making progress!!! Before you know it you will be doing your ER

  2. go girl!!! bring on that BFP :)

  3. thanx you guys for the warm regards!