Friday, March 23, 2012

26 weeks 2 days

Time has really flown! Its seems just yesterday we were talking about IVF and here we are counting down to a baby! wow.. I am amazed, blessed an astounded to have made it here thus far. I'm still in disbelief that there is acually a living being floating in my belly .. MY BELLY!! OMG .. I Am so happy it unbelievable . We both are and the grandparents and our whole families are happy and excited!

Let me catch you guys up on whats has been going on over here.
We saw our regular RE up until 12 weeks, after the nucal fold test we were given the OK to see a regular OBGYN.
I scheduled to see the OBGYN at 16 weeks thinking that the initial visit will cover the ultrasound for gender. Hubby came with me. The OBGYN was affiliated with the same network of doctors so i assumed when they told me they will get my records form the RE's office thattehy would.. This was not the case. The first OBGYN visit was a bust because nothing can be done until they had my medical record. Up until this part we have had no complications or upset. No bleeding and only one night did i have a nasty cramp that lasted about 10 mins.. no bleeding .. so we were OK .

So we were upset and had to leave that day with no gender, we had already told people we would be finding out that day and were so disappointed. So we hustled to find a private gender place close to us which we did and saw the following weekend.

If you follow my YouTube channel you can see a video of the actually gender check and we have a lil funny story behind it too. I'll get into that later in another blog.

So we found out we were having a lil Pink Princess! Yes a baby Girl!
My hubby and his mom were super happy on that note since they both preferred a girl. I had no preference and my mom preferred a boy since she has two granddaughters already.

So we progressed along as normal.
At 20 weeks i had my anatomy scan. We were told thinks look normal.. she was growing on schedule.
I get a call a week or so later saying i have to see a High risk type doctor to see about a abnormality with the baby's cord. So I'm really worried atthsi point and asked for more info and all the nurse would tell me is its not something urgent , just something the doctor wanted a second look into.

So .. we see the specialist and he informs us that the cord is inserted into the placenta too close to the cervix and we had marginal insertion so the fetal veins could actually be growing into the membrane..!! so that would mean that if my water broke then the baby could bled out and be stillborn witha vaginal delivery.

So C-Section was the option.
I see him again in couple of weeks to see if any changes and see if we are stil going wit that route. Until then I'm educating myself on the technique, the care before and after so that I'm ready either way.
So that's whats been going on medically. I haven't had any symptoms.. as far as morning sickness and such .. i had heart burn here and there .. nothing to write home about..

I'll catch you guys up on the rest later on .. TTYL XOXO

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