Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stressed out and Ranting!!

Business First..
Today I went to a doctor's visit for my injection training and to pick up my medication from the Compassionate Care Program.

My Meds Include::
3 pens of Gonal F 900iu
1 Pen of Gonal F 300 iu
5 Vials of Cetrotide
1 Ovidrel

I will Tentatively begin Stims on the 24th
225 of Gonal -F once a day
along with Micro Ovidrel which i will pick up Friday.

Now on to the rant.. I love my RE. He is the best I have had so far and I really like him and the way that he treats me and my husband. But his nurses are driving me crazy. Every time I get use to a nurse who knows me and my husband's situation, they leave, get fired ..I don't know. All I know is that they are gone and I'm left with a new nurse that feels she knows more about what I'm going thought then i do, and they don't know shit.
I went in there today and sat down to get my meds and get up outta there and get back to work. Apparently the lil new nurse had the same idea because her mouth was running a mile a minute. she was rushing so fast thru the demostation of the pens, she was knocking over things on the desk and stuttering over her words.
When they can in the room she gave me my IVF folder with my paperwork and things, she leads off with the statement that she was told to inform me that my DH will have to provide another sperm sample to freeze. They already froze his last sample without asking us. So i guess they feel know they will just "Tell" us we have to freeze a second one. First thing out of my mouth is "why" The nurse is clueless and she says its normal for IVF to have two frozen samples. Then I had to go in to the explanation as to my husbands condition and how he can not provide a sample at the drop of a hat.He needs 10 days if not more of taking his medication to provide a good sample and we have just that amount of time before the IVF. She gives me some blank stare and i know she must not be the one nurse in the office who had the brain that day.

Things like this really discourage and stress me out about the IVF thing. I keep having flashbacks from what happened before and I can't help but have anxiety. Next Visit will be on Friday and we will see if they have their shit together. XOXO

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