Monday, September 12, 2011

Tenative Scheduale

It has been a tough week filled with uncertainty and anxiety. DH had the analysis done and we were waiting for the results. We have been in talks with the RE about freezing the sample for back up for the IVF. But on the day of the analysis me and the DH decided to see what will happen and if it was hard for them to find any sperm then we will come in the next week to do the freezer pop. But for some reason the RE decide to freeze this sample any way with out even notifying or consulting us. I'm a lil pissed at that.

The next this was that the Coordinator has been out of the office for about a week and a half and I'm getting antsy because i didn't want my cycle to mess up due to the fact that because she wasn't able to schedule me in on time. I have to make a pest of my self with the nurses to make sure when she does her daily call for updates that they notify her of my situation. it wasn't until Thursday the 8th that i was able to get across the time sensitivity of the matter and they finally called her and got me a schedule.

09/19: Last BCP
09/23 Baseline Ultrasound and labs.
09/24: Start Injections
10/05: egg retrieval

So far that's all i got. I was really tripping for a moment due to the lack of lupron. but i guess not every office uses lupron with their protocol, and not every person needs it.
I just hope that I don't have to suffer the pain of OHSS and BFN again

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