Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 5 Stimming

Today was a productive day .
I had my appointment this morning and was surprised and pleased at my results. I think at times my ovaries can be Lil over-achievers. Here are my Stats:
Endo Thickness-8.55
LH 15.1
On my left and right side the doctor measured 10 of the follicles on the right and 10 on the left.
The follicles measured between 7 -10 mm on the left
and 6 -9 on the right.
My Gonal -f was decreased to 150 iu vs the 250 iu
I now take the Ovidrel micro-dose every other day instead of everyday.
I also started my Cetrotide which hurt a lot. I hope i get the hang of it because the needle isn't like a regular needle its hard for me to see the air bubbles. Maybe tomorrow i will draw the meds using one of my Ovidrel needles. My next appointment is Friday Morning..Check in with you then..TTYL..XOXO


  1. Best of luck on this cycle! Found you through cyclesista =)