Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 WW Update 9 dp3dt

Hey you guys...yes I'm still here and loving it..
Today was my off day and i think i might have over done it a bit, because today was also the day i got paid. I had so many places to go things to buy bills to pay... and today in Houston it was another scorcher almost 100 degrees. So I'm hopping from place to place getting hotter and hotter. and more and more worn out. by the time i made it home i was about done and feeling a pain in my low belly so i tried to chill out for a while but there was one more errand i need to do... so i headed out did that and picked up a slice of pizza for lunch. this was a very greasy slice so after consuming it i got a real belly ache and a hint of nausea. So i went ahead and took a nap for a bout an hour... that nap was so good i didn't want to get up and make dinner. Tonight i made roasted chicken with dark meat which tends to hold grease more then white meat. After eating that my tummy ache returned along with that hint of nausea....

Is this a symptom or progesterone?
Also this morning i had some more of those menstrual cycle type cramps that seem to happen randomly not only when I'm doing a certain activity.
that's all i got for today stay tuned for my next update...

P.S i don't know what I'm going to with the HPT thing i may take one on SAT but I'm still debating it....


  1. Take it easy and I am praying for you. If you care to hear my advice, wait for your beta and please don't POAS. You can get a false neg then possibly worry yourself for nothing.

  2. Hey girlie !!! ut, oh now this is sounding good lol I never got nauseous with progesterone. The day after I found out I did feel dizzy but thats about it. Some people do get nauseated right away though hmmmmm lol I cant wait beta is???? Monday?? you'll be 13dp3dt right?? Bring on that BFP!!

  3. im a day off!!! I just saw that this post was wed. lol so today u are 11dp wow !!! I got my BFP at 11dp :) awwww lol