Friday, July 10, 2009

I done messed up :((

Well you guys i told myself i would wait until i went in for my beta to test but i got another itch today and bought another test (First Response this time). As you know I'm now 11 dp3dt and i really wanted to see those double lines. But unfortunately that wasn't to be today because my test came back negative... I was a lil upset but i chose to remain positive and keep my faith. It is still early yet and i didn't use my first urine. so from now on i choose to wait until Monday and i won't be poas again...


  1. Dont fret, it's probably not detectable yet or barely detectable since it was ur first pee!!whatever we will c what that bet says and yes we areexpectin a BFP!!!!!!!!! I lie in south texas below san antonio :)thats why I was telling yo about my awesomeclinic with awesome prices lol :)

  2. i understood but thank for the clarification