Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First HPT... 8dp3dp

Guess what? I took my first home pregnancy test today. And since it was only 8 days past transfer can you guess what the results were? Negative! I know it was way to early to test but i just had a itch i had to scratch you know? I used a wal-mart brand test which is only 99% effective after you already missed your period and my period isn't due until the 9Th so i was way to early. I plan on retesting on Friday the 9th. So stay posted for further updates on that. Today as far as symptoms I've had some cramping in my lower abdomen and while on my way to work i had a really sharp cramp for about 10 sec! i was like what was that! I didn't have any bleeding so i didn't feel the need to call my doc. that's all i have for today. stay tuned.


  1. Yeah you took it too early..my RE said if I wanted to take a HPT do it on day 12. But my IVF nurse advised against taking it. I know it is hard but try not to take anymore test.

  2. If you DO decide to do another one take a first response or clear blue easy it needs to say that 5 days sooner..because it tests for 20miu and the regular tests test for 50 miu which is way too high at 8dpo...at least wait to 10dpo...I didnt test till 11dpo at night-with a clear blue easy 5 day early plus sign test (since all labs were closed on my beta day -july 3rd) Im sure you'll get that BFP!!!!