Monday, July 13, 2009


BFN I am feeling really disappointed but not defeated. my mind has already moved to the next course of action and me an my husband are united in our convictions that this lil set back won't keep us from our goal of having children. we will now try to conceive naturally and I'll be changing my ivf journey into a TTC journey that will pick up my new steps and methods we're doing to TTC. Like the song says "It ain't ova until God says it's ova...Keep fighting until your victory is won"...Stay tuned...


  1. My thoughts are with you and your husband. You have the right attitude... this is a marathon not a sprint and you WILL acheive success. I wish you luck with whichever route you chose to journey on next.

  2. that song was my lil facebook status yesterday..dancers at my church danced to it. Did you freeze any eggs? Im so sorry but like you said and like the song says the great part about it is that God has defeated our enemies already, keep fighting until ur victory is won!Fast and see what the Lord says about it all, seek to hear his voice about it much love!!!