Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Get ready for RETRIVAL!

So today was my last scan and I'm done with stims...Great!
I Had a bunch of fat happy follicles ranging between 15-22 mm
Measured Left:21.31, 20.29, 19.24, 18.66, 18.28, 18.13, 17.76, 17.11, 16.88, 16.07Measured Right: 21.83, 21.76, 21.2, 19.98, 19.46, 19.32, 19.32, 19.18, 18.1, 17.18
Endo Thickness-10.84

I'm a lil worried with that E@ being like super high. I really don't want another OHSS episode. Tonight i triggered with a prefilled syringe of Lupron, as opposed to Ovigril to trigger. Possibly to head off the OHSS which is trigger with the intro of HCG to the system. WHEN i become pregnant and produce HCG on my own the OHSS could still pop up, but if that occurs we will deal with it as it comes.
I was given some new scripts for my pre- and post - ER ..including
Prometrium- taken vag
Estradiol - taken Vag
Prednisone - Taken orally
Doxycycline Taken Orally
Progesterone in oil-Taken in the =)

My little joke now.. a big pain in the rear end later.
I Trigger tonight
Have blood work in the morning to make sure all went well and then i have my ER done Wednesday morning.. Talk to ya'll then .. TTYL XOXO


  1. They are great numbers! How many days of stims?

    Good luck with the trigger and transfer :p

  2. I stimmed for about 9 days ; Thank you!