Thursday, October 6, 2011

1 day post ER

Its been a busy couple of days
First things first my egg retrieval.
I went in at 6:30 they set me up with an IV and took me to the procedure room. The IV was suppose give some drug that would put me in a semi-conscious state, but it knocked me all the way out. I think i regained consciousness for about a minute but i hardly remember any of it. I woke up back i the original Lil waiting room i was in dazed and confused. for a few minutes, my nurse told me that they retrieved a Wopping 33 EGGS..i was like WOW!!.. she said I was a regular chicken dropping all of those eggs.

I was in some discomfort when i got home i had my hubby give me a RX pain reliever and laid down for a few hours. But after a while I was feeling up to a walk so we went grocery shopping and I felt fine if not a Lil constipated. Is it OK for me to take laxatives at this point? Today at 1 day post I feel 70% better. I just have a bit of soreness in the pelvic region especially when i have a full bladder. Other then that I'm great but still a bit bloated Which is to be expected with 33 follicles being retrieved and still swollen.

My report today was:
34 retrieved
21 Mature
21 Inseminated (ICSI)
12 Fertilized

So the plan is to do a 5 day transfer on Monday at 12:30.
See ya then TTYL!!! XOXO