Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 day post transfer

It's been one day since my 5 day transfer. I posted my two little embies yesterday. I didn't get a grade of the embies so if you can tell good quality by looking someone let me know. To tell a little bit about my transfer story ...
We arrive at 12:00pm appt was at 12:30pm.. we showed up me, hubby ans a 33 oz of water. I have to pee ( tmi ) about once while we we waiting and then after we were taken back to the procedure room the nurse allowed me to go twice since the RE was running late. He finally arrived about 1:05pm and we got things rolling.. They were all ready to get it started ..I guess they had to finish me before they could go to lunch.
But ... he came in and then embryologist came to the lil window in the room and they gave me and the hubby a pic of our babies and showed us them floating in the petri dish.. Ooh i was i luv already. The RE put my babies back home in the uterus soon to be womb where hopefully and prayfully will stay for the next 9 months. At what point does a Uterus become a womb? TTYL XOXO

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