Monday, October 24, 2011

19DPO, 14DP5DT *1st Beta *

So today was my first beta..YEAH!!! I was so excited. I waited on pins and needles waiting for the result mentally envisioning a big number. I finally got tired of waiting and called the for my results. The fist nurse i guess looked it up and saw the numbers then she was like.. um did Nurse T. call you? I said one called me. She said OK hod on.. then i was nervous.. I started praying i was worried that they needed a particular nurse to tell me the bad news.. I was like Oh Lawd please !!! The Nurse T. got on the line all happy and giddy like.. OK .. this might be a good sign. She said well you are positive and the Dr.wants yo to come in later this week for a ultrasound. Now when i did my blood draw the doc told me if my number was over 1500 then we may have more then one and he would do a ultrasound this week. if less the 1500 then we will keep doing blood draw til HCG was over 1500 then we will do ultrasound. So when i heard her say that I would do a ultrasound this week I knew I had a high number, at least 1500. I asked her if she had the number she said yes it's 2062!!!!! OMG did you say 2062!!! Now its time to play that game "how many babies" no more "Babies maybe"!!!!

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