Friday, October 14, 2011

Tale of the Human Pin Cushion

My bum is so sore.. I don't know how long I will have to continue taking the PIO shots. God knows I'm more than willing to continue for the next 9 months, but Its starting to get a bit tender back here. Some people use ice or heating pads but I don't have a issue with doing the shot itself, its the soreness afterward that is getting to be a bit of a trial since my job is majority sitting on the abused area. I will defiantly have to invest in a nice pillow for my seat to make said area more comfortable XOXO..TTYL


  1. im on prometrium (vaginal progesterone suppositories) research states it works just as good and my pregnacy with my first IVF baby went just fine NEVER had bleeding or anything wrong :) you should ask about it

  2. I take prometrium & Estrace suppositories as well as the PIO shots ... So I guess the doc id covering me at both ends...LOL...Where are you in your FET? or did you do a fresh IVF?