Monday, October 17, 2011

7DP5DT...Oh Taste and See That the Lord is Good !!

I have always wonder if i will ever be so blessed as to see this sight!!!

But this morning @ 4:00am .. i lay in bed debating if I should go through with it this morning and POAS. I spent the better part of my evening searching google for people who tested on 7DP5DT and received a BFN and later received a BFP. Thinking that if i tested and it was a negative then I will still be in the running..
...After much debate I finally got up and did the test .. FMU
......After not much of a wait with the First Responds test I received a positive line almost immediately. At first i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.. *wipe sleep crust off eyes8 Look again and the line is there.. even darker..
I go and wake hubby.. and tell him I took the test .. I told him to look,, he staggers over to the bathroom says " I don't' see anything" * rubs sleep crust form eyes* wait.. i see a faint line here. I tell him that means we are preggers!!! He is so happy.. but he wants a more definite answer ..and since we can go back to sleep now, he leave to hit up wal-mart for a digital test. he comes back and i do that one too..Also ..plain as day ..WE ARE Pregnant!!! My God My God MY GOD!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

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  1. YAAAAAAAY im sooo excited for you Praise God please keep me updated !!! im still in my 2ww on wednesday I will be 6dp3dt