Monday, October 24, 2011

**Spoiler Alert

Yes we have a spoiler alert!!!
I have a bit of a rant that I must get off my chest for my piece of mind. My mother in law has been quite the bad apple of this bunch. After we first took the 1st pregnancy test on last Monday, me and my husband were so excited we both texted out parents.he texted his mom around 7 a picture of the test and a message for her to call him when she got it. When she received it she called him back with a lecture on how inappropriate he was to tell her such news via text and how the proper thing to do was to come and actually visit her and tell her. After she ranted and raved she finally in a off hand fashion told him congratulations. I wish this was the last of the atrocious behavior but that was just the tip of the iceberg.
A day or two later my hubby decided to post on his face book the pic of the first test. 98% of my husband face book is his family and only 3-4 close friends. His family is so close he immediately got responds and congrats from a bout all of them. The next day or the next morning she woke my baby out of his sleep to holler at him again to lecture and rant and rave saying how "Tacky" he was to post that on face book and how we burst her bubble and took away her "right" to announce the first pregnancy to the family. Then she grilled him on the when s and whys and hows of the pregnancy ( she doesn't know about infertility issues or IVF)
Then the shit gets deep..I get a text from her telling me how we need to talk..I said cool because I had some choice words i wanted to say ..Once I had her on the line later that evening I had no time to say those choice words because she came at me with that same spill about how me and the hubby are out to get her and take away her right blah blah blah.. I have no idea where she gets this mess from on how she has any rights in out situation.If she had started out on the good foot and communicated initially with my hubby then we could have talked about all of this together, but instead she has been a poison to the entire experience. But I will not allow her to destroy my joy. I will pray for her to get her stuff together and straighten out because we both want her in the child(children) lives and to be apart of our family. All I can do is pray for her .Pray for Peace. I refuse to allow this to stress me and bring me low. I will soak up all the joy and love that we receive from everyone else and put her on the back burner for now. Amen

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